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7 Interior Design Trends to Know in 2016


Whether your home is brand new or you’ve lived in it for years, the key to maintaining that fresh, modern feel lies in your interior design and decor. Keeping up with the latest looks can be difficult, so we’ve compiled a list of trends and resources for you to use to give your home new life in the new year. Here’s are the trends to follow in 2016:

Formal Dining Rooms

  • For years, homeowners have been opting to forgo the formal dining area, but sit-down family meals could be making a comeback. And as more people stay home to cook and entertain, an increasing number of homeowners are choosing to use their dining rooms for their intended purpose. Consider giving your dining room a simple upgrade by incorporating a palette of luxe, high-contrast colors. Plus, according to House Beautiful, traditional tableware is making a comeback, too!
Bold Bathroom Mirrors
  • 2016 is the year that homeowners evolve beyond the functional yet uninspired bathroom mirror. Adding a uniquely shaped or framed mirror that’ll set the tone for the rest of the room will give your home’s bathroom a refreshing new atmosphere — because even a small powder room can make its own statement.
Mixed Materials
  • Incorporating colors, textures and materials from a wide range of sources is definitely a trend to watch this year. Think faux fur, rustic wood, industrial metal, and floral or graphic textiles combined and layered in the same space. In the kitchen, making the bold choice to go with two different types or colors of cabinets can create stunning results.
Metallic Colors
  • Whether they’re acting as finishes to furniture or just fabric room accents, platinum, gold, copper and steel are extremely popular colors right now. Metallic colors are even making their way onto wallpapers throughout the home. The color schemes may bring back memories from yesteryear — but that’s the point.
  • This will be an easy trend to get on board with for the many BeechTree homeowners who already have fireplaces in their homes. Both traditional and decorative fireplaces can make a stunning focal point of a room, so arranging furniture around the fireplace (and not the TV) is a trend to follow for those looking to give their living space a charming update.
Tech-Free Family Rooms
  • HouseBeautiful calls it the “Glamily Room,” and an increasing number of homeowners are proving that they don’t need to fill every room with the latest tech to create a stunning, smart look. Even if the family room doesn’t go completely tech-less, there are still plenty of ways to make the space look great.
Pendant Lighting
  • Chandeliers can always add an element of elegance to a home, but pendant lighting is making a strong statement in 2016. These hanging fixtures can be made with a variety of materials, providing the perfect complement to a bold new look this year.
This list is just the beginning of what’s “in” for 2016. For even more design trends and inspiration, check out these great resources: