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8 Essential Items to Keep in Your Golf Bag

golf ball and tees

If you’re like many golfers, you’re getting all of your gear ready for what’s sure to be a great golfing season ahead. And as you’re getting your golf bag ready, these are the eight items you’ll want to pack to help you have the best day on the course possible.

1. Extra Golf Balls and Tees This may seem like a no-brainer, but there’s nothing worse than needing a new golf ball or tee in the middle course, only to discover that you’re fresh out. The PGA recommends that you carry the number of balls that match your handicap. So if you have a nine-stroke handicap, you’ll probably need no more than nine golf balls for 18 holes.

2. Water Bottle As spring and summer come, so too does the warm weather, which means you’ll need to take care to avoid dehydration. Never hit the links without a full water bottle.

3. A Light Snack You’ll likely want to refuel as your round continues on. Pack a granola bar, protein bar or some fruit — a light snack will keep you energized without weighing you down.

4. Sunscreen The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that you apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher 15 minutes before you go outdoors. It’s also recommended that you reapply sunscreen every two hours. So if you plan on playing both the front and back nine, it’s a good idea to bring some with you.

5. Hand Towel You’ll want to keep a clean towel close by so that you can clean your hands, clubs and golf ball throughout the day. It’s the little stuff that can make a big difference on your scorecard.

6. Portable Speaker Don’t forget, golf is supposed to be fun! Bringing a small, portable Bluetooth speaker is a great way to add some energy to your day — just make sure that everyone you’re with doesn’t mind listening to your favorite jams.

7. A Ball Marker and a Permanent Marker A ball marker, which can be as simple as a penny or a quarter, is an absolute necessity for when you’re on the green.

You should bring a permanent marker, too. Having one means you can mark your golf balls before they leave the tee box, making it much easier to identify golf balls on the fairway.

8. Golf Rules Handbook Never get into a scoring debate again! Bring a portable golf rulebook, or bookmark the official USGA Rules Hub on your phone so you can put any discrepancies to rest as they happen.

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