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Get to Know Lake Presidential General Manager Steven Jeffrey

Lake Presidential General Manager Steven Jeffrey

Lake Presidential is a golf club unlike any other in the D.C. metro area, and we’re proud to offer one of the region’s finest public golf experiences here at BeechTree.

Behind the name Lake Presidential is a dedicated team of golf and hospitality industry veterans, including the general manager, Steven Jeffrey. Because he plays such an integral role with the newly “Remastered” golf club experience, we recently caught up with Steven to give you a better idea of the man behind Lake Presidential’s renaissance.

Check out some of the questions we asked and Steven’s answers below.

What is it about the game of golf, and golfing at Lake Presidential, that you love? SJ: I like the game of golf for the integrity and gentlemanly aspect of the game.

You are constantly offering service on every shot. Be it holding the flagstick, letting the person furthest out play first, or standing quietly out of the way while your partners are playing — it’s all about consideration for someone else. In no other game do you call a penalty on yourself, and it demands the highest level of personal integrity. I relish that aspect of the game.

Do you have a background in managing world-class golf courses such as Lake Presidential? SJ: I have managed three other properties previously, all of which were high-end, daily fee properties in Southern California. All three courses were larger and subject to higher volume than Lake Presidential, but they all required the same level of personal attention. For this reason, I chose to get involved at Lake Presidential to aid in its efforts to restore the course, clubhouse and service levels fully.

Is there a particular hole on Lake Presidential’s course that you really like to play or find to be especially challenging? SJ: I have two favorites. I like hole #2 because it’s laid out well visually, and the fountain on the left side is an attractive feature. Hole #13 is another favorite. With the elevated tee shot, the hole below stretches far out in front of you and demands well-placed shots to score well.

If you had a chance to play a round of golf with anyone, past or present, who would you choose and why? SJ: I think it would be fun to play with my father, brother and son. The game of golf is one that can be enjoyed by all generations, and it would be rewarding to keep that tradition alive.

How did you get involved in the golf industry? What else can you tell us about your background managing other premier golf courses? SJ: I was a regional manager for three big box retailers for 20+ years and traveled all over the country for those companies. I chose to return to school and secure a second degree in Golf Management and use my customer service skills in the hospitality industry, specifically golf. I find it rewarding to assist people in having fun, which is our main job here at Lake Presidential. We are ambassadors of fun.

Stay tuned to our blog for future profiles and Q&As from other team members at Lake Presidential Golf Club. And visit our website to learn more about this world-class golf club, located right here at BeechTree in Upper Marlboro, MD.