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Top 5 Benefits of Buying a New Home Instead of a Resale Home

Benefits of Buying New

Some people love thrift stores, others shop at Nordstrom. Across the board, there are always different sides to consider when deciding between buying new versus used. Yet when it comes to your home, these considerations are vital. Your home plays a large part in shaping your lifestyle, so consider the influence that these categories will have on your life for years to come.

Costly Repairs When you buy a resale home, you take on its history. Sometimes this can imbue character and provide interesting stories to tell at a dinner party, but more often than not, this history rears its ugly head with high repair and maintenance costs. On the other hand, a new home has never been lived in before, so all of the appliances are fresh from the factory, and it’s protected by a new home warranty.

Energy Savings In the decades since that resale home was built, technology has come a long way. The modern materials, appliances and utilities built into a new home create superior energy efficiency and a much less costly utility bill.

What’s more, many new homes let you control your home remotely, thanks to home automation technology, which can lead to even greater energy savings.

A Healthier Home This new technology goes beyond protecting your wallet — it also protects your health. Enhanced air ventilation, safer circuit breakers and environmentally friendly air conditioners go a long way in keeping your home and family healthier.

The Home of Your Dreams A used home was built to be someone else’s dream home — not yours. One of the biggest benefits of buying new is the ability to personalize the home to meet the needs of your lifestyle and desires of your imagination.

Even if you don’t want to spend additional money on extra features, you will always benefit from the updated trends in home construction. Compared to a resale home built decades ago, buying new often guarantees a more open floorplan, spacious walk-in closets and larger bathrooms.

Fit to Your Lifestyle In this day and age, new homes offer more than just a house — they offer a lifestyle. Here at BeechTree, we offer a wide range of luxury and recreational amenities to exceed your expectations and fuel your ideal lifestyle. From our nationally acclaimed Lake Presidential Golf Course to our state-of-the-art fitness center, resort-style living comes included when you choose a new home at BeechTree.