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Get to Know Lake Presidential Golf Club’s Janelle Cash

Janelle Cash | Director of Sales

Lake Presidential Golf Club is about so much more than just golf. It’s also home to an incredible event space.

Who’s behind all of the great events that take place here? That’d be Janelle Cash, tournament and event sales director at Lake Presidential.

What kind of events does she help plan and how does she do it? Check out her answers from our recent Q&A.

Along with being a world-class golf destination, Lake Presidential is also a sought-after event venue. What sorts of events do you help people plan here? JC: Baby showers, weddings, fundraisers, birthday parties, corporate events — we do it all here! Having the flexibility to plan any kind of event is part of what makes Lake Presidential so special.

What do you like most about helping people plan and execute successful events? JC: People often come in with what they think they want to see from their party or event. I love taking that vision and finding ways to expand on it to deliver something that truly exceeds every initial expectation they had.

What’s some advice you’d give someone looking to plan their next big event? JC: I always tell people to know what they want out of their party or event but to be open to all sorts of possibilities as well. We’re here to make your vision come to life, but we can also push it in interesting directions that you never even considered before.

How did you get your start in event planning? JC: I began in the hotel business more than 14 years ago. I handled everything from managing events to opening new locations. I’ve stayed in the field because I can’t resist the opportunity to make someone’s day.

Do you have any go-to sources of inspiration for when you’re trying to make an event truly memorable? JC: There are plenty of places to find inspiration, but if I’m just focusing on one, I’ll tell you that Pinterest is my best friend.

Stay tuned to our blog for future profiles and Q&As from other team members at Lake Presidential Golf Club. And visit our website to learn more about this world-class golf club, located right here at BeechTree in Upper Marlboro, MD.