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5 Interior Design Trends to Pay Attention to in 2018

2018 Design Trends

If you’ve made a resolution to give your favorite room — or maybe even your entire home — a makeover in the new year, you’ll want to know which design trends are set to stand out in 2018. Here are our five favorite trends to keep an eye on this year.

The New Neutrals

As 2018 kicks off, a novel neutral color palette is all the rage and includes some colors that might surprise you. Minimalist pastels and metallics imbue a splash of warmth to a space where shades of grey and off-white used to dominate. Several bold accent colors are also set to enter the spotlight this year, including vibrant greens, yellows and “Ultra Violet”, Pantone’s newly announced 2018 Color of the Year.

Comfort Spaces

From mixed-use retail to communal workspaces, the emergence of “The Gig Economy” and has blurred the boundary between work and leisure when it comes to design.

For 2018, experts are predicting an increasing shift towards more causal, versatile spaces that are focused on experience rather than aesthetics. This trend will drive the growing popularity of tactile fabrics and finishes, as well as ergonomic, versatile furniture.

Curated vs. Decorated

The growing focus on experience rather than aesthetics is particularly striking when it comes to the objects, accessories and artwork used to adorn a room.

In 2018, people increasingly want their spaces curated, not decorated. A series of collected objects might tell a story of your travels to a foreign nation or a passionate hobby, and, ultimately, it gives any space a sense of personal authenticity that’s uniquely yours.

Mixing Metallics

Not long ago, mixing different metals in a kitchen or bathroom design was a total faux pas. But in 2018, experts agree that homeowners are looking for a more eclectic mix. In practice, hammered copper accents might lend a shot of warmth to the industrial feel of chrome or stainless steel. Try layering different metals across a variety of locations, from faucets to hardware to lighting and furniture.

Light, Textured Flooring

This year, homeowners are expected to move away from dark and red-toned wood flooring in favor of domestic woods such as maple, pine and hickory.

Whether natural or engineered, these popular materials brighten interior spaces and hide imperfections more easily. Similarly, we’ll likely see an increase in whitewashed and distressed finishes on these light-hued floors, adding texture and vintage appeal.

Looking for even more emergent design trends? Check out this Vogue article where some of the world’s top designers share their predictions. And if you’re still looking for the perfect home to personalize and customize this year, be sure to check out all the great offerings from homebuilders at BeechTree!