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3 Things You Should Do Right Now to Get Your Yard Ready for Spring

Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

As spring fast approaches, many homeowners at BeechTree are getting their lawns and backyards ready to grow and flourish in the months ahead.

If you’ve got the space for the lawn you’ve always wanted but aren’t quite sure how to prepare it after a long winter, these three tips provide a great starting point.

Clear Off Any Debris

Dead leaves, acorns, pine cones, branches and other such debris that’s fallen on the yard can hinder the growth of your lawn in the spring months.

Walk around your home and see which areas need some attention. Then, grab a rake and clean up what you can. You’ll be ensuring that your grass is ready to get the necessary sunlight and oxygen as spring rolls around, and you’ll be helping prevent the annoying “snow mold” that many unkempt lawns get.

Fertilize and Add Lime if Necessary

You don’t have to wait until spring to give your lawn a boost of the nutrients it needs to grow. Fertilizing now is a great way to break your yard’s grass out of the winter season and prepare it for a great year ahead.

What kind of fertilizer you’ll want to use will mostly depend on the type of grass and soil in your yard. And if you really want to the next level, consider testing your soil to determine if it’s a good idea to add lime to reduce its acidity.

Spread Seeds and Treat for Weeds

Although fall is actually the best time to apply seeds, you may need to work to fill in your lawn now.

Spread seeds in generous quantities across any bare spots of your lawn and apply a quick-release nitrogen fertilizer that will promote growth in the coming weeks.

This is also a good time to pull weeds and pretreat your lawn to prevent an overgrowth of crabgrass and other annoying weeds. Just remember, if you needed to spread seeds, you’ll likely have to wait until the new grass begins to germinate before you can effectively target weeds with any pretreatment.

If you want even more tips for how to better prepare your lawn for spring, check out this easy-to-follow guide from The Spruce.