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Save Money and Stay Warm This Winter

The winter months can be intimidating financially when you never know how cold the weather will be or how high your electric bill will go, especially after last year’s frigid temperatures.

Save yourself stress and money with some of these energy saving tips:

  • Leave your curtains open on the south side of your home to allow natural sunlight in to help heat your home.
  • If your windows are a little drafty, pick up some inexpensive heavy-duty plastic sheets from the local home improvement store and tape them over the windows to keep some of the cold air out.
  • Purchase some caulk while you’re at it, and re-caulk any drafty windows or doorways.
  • When at home and awake, dress in layers and turn the heat down so it isn’t continuously running.
  • Schedule your maintenance technician to check your heat pump and thermostat to make sure they are ready-to-roll for the upcoming cold weather.
  • When you aren’t using your fireplace, close your damper to help keep cold air out.
  • Although not all of these tips will be applicable to your home, just making a few easy changes could make a world of difference when it comes to your electric bill, and this time of year, every little bit helps!

**Source: United States Department of Energy: