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Thanksgiving Craft Ideas to Keep Your Kids Busy While You Cook

As a kid on Thanksgiving day, with Mom baking and Dad deep-frying the turkey, sometimes it can be hard to stay focused on helping to prepare the holiday dinner.

Give your kids a memorable experience this year with these fun DIY craft ideas. Your kids can stay busy, so that you can continue cooking, while still actively contributing by making holiday décor and keepsakes that will be treasured for years to come. Here are 3 kid-friendly craft ideas:

Pinecone Turkeys

  1. Materials Needed: Pinecones, colorful feathers, hot glue, googly-eyes, and orange felt.

  2. Start with having your kids do a quick sweep through your backyard and have them collect any undamaged pinecones to decorate.

  3. Next, cut the feathers in half and arrange the feathers with several different colors for each pinecone.

  4. Hot glue the feathers into the pine cone, and allow them to dry.

  5. Finally, glue the googly-eyes to the front of the pinecone, and cut the orange felt into the shape of a beak, and glue it under the eyes.

Thumbprint Placecards
  1. Materials Needed: Card paper, washable ink stamp pads or finger paint, and colorful markers.

  2. Have your kids create a turkey out of their handprint, and decorate the “feathers” with different color thumbprints. Use the cards for each family member’s place setting.

Thankful Tree
  1. Materials Needed: Styrofoam pumpkins, twigs, construction paper, markers, neutral-colored twine or yarn.

  2. Have your kids collect some twigs from the back yard.

  3. Stick the twigs into the top of the styrofoam pumpkin.

  4. Trace shapes of leaves, and pumpkins, or any other fall-like symbol, and cut them out of the construction paper.

  5. For each tree, have your kids write on the construction paper cut-outs, one thing they are thankful for.

  6. Tie each construction paper cut out to the top of the twigs to form a tree.

These are just a few easy craft projects for your kids to work on, but the memories of creating fall décor for your home will be remembered for years, and even generations to come. Start a new tradition with your family this year!

**Source: Tina - Life Without Pink