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Holiday Gatherings in BeechTree Recommend 6 Ways to Be Stress Free!

With November winding down, it is time to start planning your holiday gatherings for December, with those you hold closest to you.

Between the shopping, planning, decorating and cooking, along with everyday duties, you may feel like you’re at your wit’s end, but these tips should help make your holiday gatherings one for the record books. The best part is these 6 holiday tricks will help keep your stress level to a minimum.

  1. Instead of planning a party where you are the chef, plan a potluck gathering. Request that your guests bring their favorite traditional holiday side dish, to alleviate you from some of the burden. Hosting a potluck is a win-win; you have less cooking to do, less cleanup and you can taste the holiday traditions of all of your friends and family!

  2. If hosting an elegant sit-down dinner is too stressful, then host a cocktail party instead; be sure to include several hors d’oeuvres for your guests to choose from, and make them easy to eat while on the move. Not only will this give your guests a chance to mingle, but will mean less cleanup for you after the party is over.

  3. When hosting an elegant sit-down dinner, make your menu buffet-style so that your guests can help themselves to what they want, which means you will be less tied up with trying to arrange the plates and everyone’s dietary requests or restrictions.

  4. When hosting a cocktail party, create some of your hors d’oeuvres ahead of time; the freezer is a great tool to keep your creations fresh, and will save you time on the day of the event.

  5. When baking holiday cookies, instead of waiting until the last minute to bake them, bake them a few weeks ahead, and put them in the freezer. The freezer will keep them from getting stale, and will free up your time so that you can focus on the last-minute details.

  6. Start preparing your food ahead of time; chop any necessary vegetables or fruits, meats and fresh spices, and store them in air-tight bags in the refrigerator for easy use when cooking your meals.

Although the holidays are stressful for most people, they are also a time to sit back and reflect on what you are most thankful for. So take a breather, start planning ahead of time and enjoy yourself at a holiday get-together or two.